hello, bhaise ‘de’ pati.

so here’s the news:

Bhaisepati is now a nagarpalika re!!! wooohooo. guess we’re expanding and expanding and plotting out all the little pieces of land we’ve got left. and then whole of kathmandu will be eating imported food…not that we aren’t anyways. anyways, i am at my friend’s place in bhaisepati and that’s the new news, you see. no longer ga. bi. sa. Gau Bikash Samitee i.e. village development committee. so here’s my heartfelt congratulations to the members of the sainbu community and other communities.

i have quite an attachment to bhaisepati actually. well, besides that i got to drive my ama’s car for the first time in this area, many years ago, i spent some time growing up and playing in the area…in the fields, running around and playing hide and seek, dashain ma ping khelne..it’s just that our family lives in the kathmandu side, rest of my relatives are mostly lalitpures…and my maila ba and thula ba’s family live in bhaisepati. so come dashain and tihar, i am in the area…at least once a month i come to visit them.

and then, one of my school buddies and roommate also lives in bhaisepati now. although, frankly speaking i used to like it when she stayed in ason. it was much more convenient to visit her and in any case, if i had to use the damn toilet in the new road area, her house was very very convenient. i still pop in there for the heck of it, although i know no one i know lives there. it’s in one of those courtyards that branch of the main busy road in ason. somehow, at the top her house all the sounds of the city would disappear, i like looking around. but well, the view’s no longer there either. a bigger concrete building propped up right in front of their house.

so within a distance of five minutes each, i got three places where i can stay over in bhaisepati and today am at my friend’s. that’s all from bhaise ‘de’ pati. now, am going to go and visit my relatives.


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