white, white…what rhymes with white? fight? bite? kite?

am running out of creative titles…well it never really started out creatively, but well..i tried. see, i am such a chappal person that it shows on my tanned feet. back to the white dress.

also, belonged to my mother. also from the 70s. i heard that it had a matching coat (misplaced somewhere)..but i am not the kind of person who likes to match so much, so it’s okay. I actually have rarely worn this one. I did couple of times in college. It’s very pretty and so well made. :-)

The rhino: i’ve had that pinned to the dress for years. That’s its place. It also belonged to my mother. Well, you know I like ‘borrow’ her things. The door that reads ‘MATHI’ is my studio’s door. I wrote Mathi with tape, meaning ‘up’, because well, it’s on the terrace and when i go to work in there…i tell people downstairs that i’ll be Mathi.



8 thoughts on “white, white…what rhymes with white? fight? bite? kite?

  1. Nice dress. Must be fun to raid your mom’s old wardrobe :)

    Our dining table is where I do most of my craft projects. Husband has taken over the only remaining ‘spare’ room in the house to set up his screen printing rig. I wish I had a ‘Mathi’ too :(

      • Currently, it’s a very basic set up – bare minimum rather. A few frames with 80 mesh count (haven’t found anything higher than that – yet) fixed to the table with clamps, limited to two color printing. But planning on setting up a proper 5 to 6 color rig. We are on a full DIY mode, trying to make everything ourselves from scratch. So let’s see how far we get. If you’ve got any tips to share, that would be great :)

      • coooool! ahh…i’m at the very basicssss too…i’ve ordered stuff from harilo.com. water based inks and supplies needed for printing in a safer way. using eco-friendly and health safe products mostly. coz the smell of the chemicals used locally is unbearable for me…i get severe headaches. i’ll send u info once the supplies arrive in kathmandu. they should be here at the end of next week. i also ordered a pair of table clamps, although i got one from ranjana galli ko shop bata. where did you buy your supplies here? what are u printing? am going to print on paper mostly. doing a series. mero pani DIY nai ho. :-) i have to order a table at the carpenters soon. and am also building a light box. i’ve tried it do do it the solar way, but i get mixed results. :-( i also realized that the sensitizer expires after some time. i think i was exposing with expired sensitizer and it wasn’t really working. hahahhaha..it’s all trial and error. although i did learn to screen print in college, it’s all starting from scratch right now. i don’t know what mesh count i have. hahaha…i need to order frames as well.

  2. hahahah….well, you didn’t really suggest many hai. hahahah…for some reason am thinking of U2’s song…in the city of blinding lightsss…..eyesight delight re….that’s funny. hahahah.

  3. And i did wonder when you were going to have this white dress up as well…. it was one of my fabs with the ‘little’ coat….yet to see my floral flowing blue skirt….another fab of mine….

  4. I know what you mean about the smell. Used to give me a headache too; now not so much. Using a face mask helps a bit, I guess :) We got most of the stuff at Bagh Bazaar. Right now, we are practicing mostly on paper, making small posters and stuff; will move on to other medium once we nail the registration part. Yes, depending on the sun for exposure is a major headache. So we are thinking of building a light box too but not sure whether to go for UV lights or Halogen. As for the sensitizer, we try and make sure the container is airtight and out of sunlight. It tends to go moldy when exposed to light. We are learning the process through online videos and tutorials, so yeah, it’s basically trial and error. Good luck with your table and light box. Do let us know how it goes once your rig is up and running :)

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