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jeera, adhuwa, lasoon ra dhania

here’s my square
– a 28 meter square
where it smells of the kitchen
in every little corner
jeera, adhuwa, lasoon ra dhania
all churned up
and embedded right under my skin.


it was as if they were all speaking to each other and planning an escape from their guarded yard.


i find plants fascinating for the colors they create.

July 22, 2015

can’t believe that it’s been nearly three months since i wrote anything here. march, april and may were my thesis & essay submission months. so that was the reason of my absence. but june and july….were sheer laziness.

well since the last time i wrote, i have finished my mfa here in gothenburg. since then, i have said goodbye to many friends i spent my last two years with, in and outside of class. since then, i have traveled with my family and friends here and there in sweden and around.

since then, i have also been waiting for the summer which seems to have forgotten gothenburg this year. but a friend tells me that this is how ‘normal’ summers are..over here…..with temperatures that hover around kathmandu’s winter. brrrr…i have been swimming twice and the water was freezing for my standards. anyway…it seems so silly to complain about the weather but that is what i find myself doing 50% of the day….

i miss kathmandu. but i am going to be here in this city for one more year. feels weird to be here for nearly two years now. some days, i feel like i have settled in and on other days, i absolutely regret having come here.

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