the straps of her sandals hug her flesh tight
and her veins turn into thick earthworms,
into dams that hold the blood from reaching her toes.
but there’s still an hour left at work
and yet another to reach home
only then she can unleash the numbness of her little toes.



Today is one of my close friend’s birthday. We have both entered our 30s and we live in different parts of the world. We chat occasionally but I haven’t heard her voice or seen her in person for a long time. And when I try to remember her voice, she doesn’t say anything specific…she just mumbles or argues about something but is laughing at the same time. In fact, every time I think of any friend, they are not saying anything, they are simply making incoherent noises in my head and are strangely smiling too.

Is it because I have forgotten what we have spoken about or is it because I haven’t heard their voices in such a long time or both?

These fine lines

These fine lines

while i have been drawing and writing very little lately, here is a project that i actually completed recently. it is the cover illustration for the book of poems ‘These Fine Lines: Poems of Restraint and Abandon’ put together by the Word Warriors team in Nepal. i was nicely surprised by the opportunity to contribute with a drawing and i am happy that i was able to be a part of the book, even though i am not living in kathmandu at the moment.

it was a challenging task for me to read through the poems and to come up with something that could relate to several poems, but also be mysterious on its own. i made several versions, experimenting with the color, the layout as well as the title placement. it was a learning experience for me to draw everything digitally – i usually hand draw, color and then scan the drawing. i have always had a hard time choosing colors digitally because you have hundreds of choices and that makes me really confused. i like to stick to the comfort of a color pencil box with only 12 colors…hahahhaha….so this was super difficult in many ways for me and so many indecisive hours were spent staring at the drawing. :) thanks to the word warriors team for all their patience.

well, here’s to poetry and to hopefully, more book illustration opportunities for me. :P