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nothing out of the ordinary

diwas gurung

dg pattern 2015

i made this recently for diwas dai. it is an updated version of what i had made previously in 2013. i have been drawing a lot of patterns lately. few years ago, a friend of mine had gifted me a moleskine notebook with squares. i finally started using it last month and now, i come home after work and start drawing patterns. it is always weird drawing at night and then waking up to look at your drawing in the morning. the colors look so different. some days, i am happy with what i have made and other days, i take it as a lesson learnt to do something different.

dg pattern 2013


jeera, adhuwa, lasoon ra dhania

here’s my square
– a 28 meter square
where it smells of the kitchen
in every little corner
jeera, adhuwa, lasoon ra dhania
all churned up
and embedded right under my skin.


it was as if they were all speaking to each other and planning an escape from their guarded yard.

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