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nothing out of the ordinary

am i invisible
or do i make myself so?

or do i walk under a cloak
invisible to me?

i miss the drawings i used to do some years ago.
when i used to come up with these characters.
after over two years, i drew a portrait of one of them.
i used to call him ninja jebra.

ninja jebra

there is a design museum right across the building i studied. in the last two years of my masters i never visited this museum. i once went inside till the lobby and asked about the price of the posters and then left.

now i work where i studied and funny enough, each time i look out the office window, it is the museum’s facade that i see.

when you are stuck in your writing, look in front of you and describe what you see. an exercise recommended by the poet brenda shaughnessy. and this is what i am doing. i don’t know what to write about lately. perhaps, routines have taken over me. perhaps, this is just an excuse of laziness.

anyway, there are five thin dark trees in front of the museum. devoid of leaves. they all shed some time back. littering the streets with bright yellow and orange colors. now, it’s just rain and soggy leftovers of the leaves. soon it will be dark and i will not see them. they will blend into the darkness. the trees are lined at equal distances along the bicycle and pedestrian paths. i am always careful  not to walk in the bicycle lane. cyclists get really angry and ring their bells so loudly and it sends me into a state of panic…like i really went and broke a serious law or something. but i do respect rules and so to cross the street, i patiently wait till the path is free of cycles. i look to my right and to my left and then walk on.

trams and cars run on both sides of this center walking-cycling path. it is never quiet in the office here. i hear the rumble of the trams every few minutes. i hear laughters from the classroom next door. i hear people’s conversations as they stand outside the window and smoke. i hear the toilet door swinging loudly and closing with a big bang. and a tug and a click that tells that the door is locked from the inside. people are always in a rush. the elevator door makes its own set of noises. and then my own typing.

trying to make sense of the days tasks and of the tasks ahead of me. in an hour, in two hours, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. there is so much that is planned and to be planned for things to be set in pace and place.



diwas gurung

dg pattern 2015

i made this recently for diwas dai. it is an updated version of what i had made previously in 2013. i have been drawing a lot of patterns lately. few years ago, a friend of mine had gifted me a moleskine notebook with squares. i finally started using it last month and now, i come home after work and start drawing patterns. it is always weird drawing at night and then waking up to look at your drawing in the morning. the colors look so different. some days, i am happy with what i have made and other days, i take it as a lesson learnt to do something different.

dg pattern 2013

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