Ra.one – the graphic novel

well this morning, a friend of mine posted a youtube link of the ‘chammak chalo’ song by akon for the movie Ra.one, on my facebook wall. that got me into googling more about this Ra.one movie. i actually thought it was ‘rawan’ like in the ten headed rawan, until i saw the spelling of the movie. it’s Ra.One.

anyways, it’s been a hilarious morning listening to akon sing in hindi. and what’s more i went to the official website and saw that they have also made a Ra.One graphic novel. hahahaha. dude, about the drawing part and color..hmm..honestly, nagraj is way better than the this. here are some glimpses that i screen printed.

yep, that’s shahrukh khan in his graphic comic form. (can’t say that they don’t look alike hehehe) the comic is called G.One – the journey begins. so he’s G. One, i think and Ra.One is Arjun Rampal aka the villain. yeah, he was a good villain in Om shanti om. i thought the role suited him quite well…better than him being a hero hero role.

the story isn’t complete…it’s like To be continued but read what’s uploaded so far at this link: http://www.raonemovie.com/comic/index.php?pageNumber=19

And HAPPY GHATASTHAPANA. Enjoy the graphic novel.


5 thoughts on “Ra.one – the graphic novel

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  2. I think I’ll pass; the screen shots are enough to warn me it’s a complete waste of bandwidth ;) Btw, once upon a time, much before Nagraj came into being, Amitabh Bachchan used to have a comic book series where he was portrayed as a superhero (with pink tights!) who went by the name ‘Supremo’ :D

  3. The series was published by Star Comics during the 1980s. As for superpowers, he had none. Supremo relied on his strength to defeat the bad guys and intelligence to get out of traps laid for him.

    With reference to his pink tights, let’s give the poor chap his due; he had the balls to adopt the metrosexual look back in the 80s ;)

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