These fine lines

These fine lines

while i have been drawing and writing very little lately, here is a project that i actually completed recently. it is the cover illustration for the book of poems ‘These Fine Lines: Poems of Restraint and Abandon’ put together by the Word Warriors team in Nepal. i was nicely surprised by the opportunity to contribute with a drawing and i am happy that i was able to be a part of the book, even though i am not living in kathmandu at the moment.

it was a challenging task for me to read through the poems and to come up with something that could relate to several poems, but also be mysterious on its own. i made several versions, experimenting with the color, the layout as well as the title placement. it was a learning experience for me to draw everything digitally – i usually hand draw, color and then scan the drawing. i have always had a hard time choosing colors digitally because you have hundreds of choices and that makes me really confused. i like to stick to the comfort of a color pencil box with only 12 colors…hahahhaha….so this was super difficult in many ways for me and so many indecisive hours were spent staring at the drawing. :) thanks to the word warriors team for all their patience.

well, here’s to poetry and to hopefully, more book illustration opportunities for me. :P


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