in the arctic circle.

the air was freezing in abisko, and the water… i dare not even touch. i held my breath as we walked on frozen rivers and lakes, hoping i wouldn’t go crashing underneath. the day light stayed with us for only two or three hours a day. the sun rose and left before you could notice it’s path across the sky. it was wonderful. it was beautiful. the little colors of the day. the softest of blue, pink and purples melting into each other. the little ‘mountains’ of snow were funny. ‘these are not mountains’ i thought to myself, every time i saw them. shivapuri is taller than them, and we call it a hill. but these mountains have their own charm, and so does shivapuri.

the world’s biggest underground iron ore mine is being churned out every minute of the day in kiruna. with people and automated machines. i can’t imagine what thousands of tons of iron being hauled out each day looks like. the scale is beyond my comprehension and imagination. in over a hundred years, they’ve managed to build in fast moving elevators traveling a 1000 meters into the earth and a road network of 400 kilometers long…all underground. i felt like a borrowing ant as we went 500 meters deep into the ground, on a tour bus.

above ground, i could feel the mine explode at night. first a big loud boom and then a shiver that passes through the town, rattling windows and shaking beds. a minor man-made earthquake to live through each night. it scared me but what is even scarier is that the mine is set to cave in someday, taking with it the town it brought to life.


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