pink papad eating rabbit

10885205_984325202345_6021942668432852330_n-1today i am lost for words and i am going to blame, for no reason, this pink rabbit for that. i bought this packet of papad at a grocery store here in gothenburg.
and my friend across the ocean in Colorado, US also happened to have purchased the same one, at a grocery store there.
quite frightening to know that this pink rabbit has been traveling the world.
i cannot guess the connection between the papad and the pink rabbit.
it is quite unfathomable.
and who knows what that sad little kid is doing next to the pink rabbit. he/she looks like he/she’s being forced to take a bite of the papad.
luckily i didn’t turn pink after eating some of it this afternoon.

on another note, i’ve been reading ‘can’t and won’t’ by Lydia Davis – a book of short stories. ‘The Seals’ in the book, is my favorite so far.


4 thoughts on “pink papad eating rabbit

  1. well, i should mention that the pink rabbit was a huge part of our childhood (back in the day when movies were played via VCR) although i can’t remember if it was pink or white. but every 5 min in the movie, there use to be a commercial where a rabbit (pink or white) would go “Lizzat papad Eh heh heh heh, Eh heh heh” which, by the way is the coolest tag line of all time Eh heh heh heh… and yeah you don’t turn pink nor white
    just think of it as India’s attempt at Brand mascots at the 70s

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