i have finished scrolling the notifications on my facebook page (updates on mangsir’s marriages). i have no more excuses to not write. to sew. or to be more useful. it’s 3:34 in the afternoon. the sun set 10 minutes ago. maybe i should rewrite that. it’s 3:34 pm in the night. it doesn’t matter though. i didn’t see the sun today. i did go out to buy a roll of masking tape. and some vitamin d. i went to the library too. i borrow new books almost every other day. but the most of what i read of some, are just the titles. if only, all that is written would automatically transfer into my head somehow. if only, speed reading/scanning worked for me.

it feels like an alu-tama eating day. now i am craving for the soup. on days when i have the time, cooking makes me happy. like the other day, i made samosas. then i also made lasagna. i also made t-momos and momos. and chole-bhaturas. i also tried tandoori chicken but i didn’t know that i need to add my own food color to make it red. i thought that came in the masala.

what else.

it’s hard to be all chirpy and in a good mood here. the darkness kills me.

someone is playing jingle bells in the streets outside. i can hear the faint tune. but if i open the window, it gets really cold inside. plus the trams are so loud. three different tram lines pass this building every few minutes. i find it annoying sometimes when i just want the wind on my face and not the noise.

but i know i will miss the sound of this city when i leave this place.


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