summer ends

and so the summer ends where it started out for me this year – in Gothenburg, with temperatures lowering everyday. i wonder how this winter will pass. but i’ll leave that thought there for now.

summer 2014 was spent in two beautiful places. one planned and the other unplanned. i was home in katmandu for a month in july. i’d planned to come home but the trip went by so fast. you can hardly get anything done in four weeks in kathmandu…not that i had anything particular to do, besides visiting bajai in lamjung. it was crazy. that trip. we actually got a jeep ride on a Mustang and had to walk only 2.5 or 3 hours to our village. the last time we went…we had walked for almost a day. when we were kids, we had to walk almost 1.5 days. the roads have been finally dug till Taji but it will take many more years before it becomes black topped. but hopefully, electricity will come sooner. we heard that a hospital was being built in the area too, which is great.

and today, i am returning from a two week summer school in Lithuania! this was an opportunity that came by so surprisingly and i am very happy that i could be a part of it. basically, it was an erasmus intensive program hosted by Nida Art Colony in Nida, Lithuania. to say the least, it was an intense program but it was worth all the studying, reading and discussing. let’s say that i feel a tad bit more smarter after this. hahahaha…and yes, the place is soo soo beautiful. the beach, the sand dunes, the woods, the water – i loved everything about nida…except for the part when we had to wait for so long to get on the ferry to get to nida. now this amazing little town is on the curonian spit and is surrounded by baltic sea on one side and a lagoon on the other side. and the view from the dunes is just breathtaking. still need to fish out my photographs. i think i took more than 600 during this trip alone.

pictures in the next post!


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