new chapter

i’m moving out. moving to another room in another part of göteborg.

it feels weird knowing that this is where i had started out as a stranger in/to this city. i have lived here with this peculiar painting for the last ten months. personally, i would have never chosen to hang it on my wall. but since it was already in the room, it became a part of my life. i don’t know why, but i never removed it and instead, i left it hanging (quite aptly) in front of my table. and so i often sat in front of it and stared at it wondering what the painter had thought while making it…the colors, the different kinds of flowers (quite impossibly) growing out (assuming the boot was not a vase) of a worn out laceless boot. the grass growing sparingly in an otherwise dry area….hmmmm….questions questions questions in my mind. then i’d move on to something else less distracting. but for some time i’d honestly forgotten that the painting was there…until today, when i’d finished packing and was looking around to see if i had missed anything. and there it was on the wall, telling me that it wasn’t going anywhere.


so here i am, packing my life in boxes again. even though i know i have to move or leave eventually, i never learn to not hoard and buy stuff i don’t really need. it’s always the same. you arrive with one suitcase and when you leave, you have a mountain of things you never realized you had amassed over the months.

but here’s to a new room, to new memories and to a new chapter in göteborg.

IMG_6826 IMG_6823



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