out in the streets here i just talked a young guy about Röda Korset or Red Cross in Sweden. i’ve seen many of them around the city in red jackets, red caps, carrying red files and trying to get a hold of pedestrians who are heading in their own directions. i always evaded them by saying ‘nej, tack’ or ‘sorry, i don’t have time’. but today i stopped to talk to one of them and now i know what each one of them is saying to people in the streets.

i forgot his name. the guy i talked to, but he tried to convince me about becoming a monthly gift giver (monetary gift) to red cross so that they can help people in south sudan, syria, ethopia or north korea…to name a few countries he spelled out. he said that there were many disasters unreported and people need help in healthcare, clean drinking water, proper sanitation…..you get the picture.

i agree that one needs to stop and think about people who have such difficult lives and to realize how lucky one is. how lucky i am and privileged in many ways. there’s enough problems in nepal itself that one doesn’t think about on a daily basis….

he was trying to make me pledge 50 sek a month which is equivalent to 718 nepali rupees or 7.45 us dollars. it is not a big amount he kept saying, adding that he understood that i was a student. they would automatically cut the amount from my bank account and i won’t even have to think about it…. ‘if i care, yes i would take out time to donate money and not simply forget about it,’ i argued with him…and then he said, well..you know there are people who don’t want to think about it.

ahh…. i don’t spend 50 sek here like it’s nothing because i don’t have a free flowing budget that allows me to spend blindly. but that is not the point…i don’t know, i feel uncomfortable with donating money…esp. when i don’t have a choice where and how it is spent.

and that’s that. don’t really know what the point of this post is. but i thought i’d write it down since i came straight to school, after leaving the guy standing in the street to find another passerby willing to listen to him.


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