I have slowed down, paused, stopped and drowned.
Drowned deep to recount, recall, replay histories, memories and regrets in my mind

It has taken me time to come up for air.
Now with each breath, I try to lunge forward.


our lives have changed so much
if we were to cross paths today
we wouldn’t know where to pick up from


even strangers would have had more to say to each other


the weather
the crowd
the pollution
the price hike of petrol
the water shortage
the rash bus driving
the valley bandh


i wish we had always remained strangers


who knew that tears glistened like diamonds in the sun
that they looked like a thousand stars hidden in the depth of the eyes
that the drop that dried on its way down, would look like dusts of mica
that she would once collect on dusty tokha hikes


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