micro bus rules

i hadn’t realized that i hadn’t posted anything in more than a month now. i have written certain things..but i never posted them. i’m holding them for a project…which i might develop..depends on my mood and enthusiasm. i have a fluctuating motivation graph. my enthusiasm mostly soars at the beginning and then reaches a point and stays constant. then it dips right down…and then is a constant in the dip and then again….it might just fall off the charts or tear through the roof off it. hahahaha.

put here’s a funny picture i had taken last year in kathmandu. it was in jawlakhel micro buses. the bigger ones, where you can stand without having to bend your back. if you know what i mean.micro bus rulesand who the heck follows these rules?????

MAINTAIN SILENCE re…hahahahahha ….Micro bus ko gana le ta kaan nai phatincha kun din. ani seat bhaye po basne. it’s like what the khalasis’ say, “dai, seat ta cha…tara khali chaina.” HAH! and then…’keep you head and limbs inside’…well, actually that makes the most sense. anyway, hilarious illustrations too.

i think they were originally meant for school buses.

i miss kathmandu. as usual. it’s finally getting warmer here. it’s at least above 10 degrees celsius for now. have to be happy with that!


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