sometimes i eat bread because i want to eat butter. it’s like buying ice-cream because you want to eat the cone. or a cup of coffee because you want to sit by that corner window and watch people passing by. and sometimes, i put on my ear phones even though i’m not listening to anything, so that people don’t come and talk to me. this is especially effective when i’m studying at the library.

i have strange habits and i don’t like bread…as in the regular loaf of bread – be it white, or wheat or rye or whatever. i might like to eat toast sometimes but bread in general, i’ve eaten enough of it in my life…. it’s the boarding school food phobia! they make you dislike the vegetables you even once thought you liked or had the possibility of liking. for example, if you are given cauli ko tarkari for an entire winter how could you still keep liking it?

i guess rice is an exception here.

that reminds me of that funny daal bhat song that someone made and posted on youtube. what a crazy but lovely idea. hahaha. here’s the song. It’s called You Fill me Up – Dal Bhat. nice tribute to dal bhat. hahaha. hahahaha. on that note, here’s a funny picture of me. i definitely look like i’ve been eating a lot of dal bhat here in gothenburg too. which reminds me, i need to buy some daal.

god natt.



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