Footnote by Jimmie Durham

springi noticed some tiny little buds sprouting this morning, while i waited for the tram. i’ve been eagerly waiting for the spring but each time the sun comes up, it goes back into hiding. DAMN those clouds!

ahh. it’s so mundane and boring to write about the weather but that’s the only thing that seems to be on my mind. i’m inspired one day when the sun shines through my studio’s window for even an hour and the next day, i feel like falling flat on the bed all day. and my african violet plant is refusing to get better…it’s been dying on me. :-(

i have been reading about Jimmie Durham lately and his book ‘A certain lack of coherence’. i came across this particular sculpture by him today:

Footnote, 1989


The text reads:
“At first I was shocked and angry,” said Tomio Kaiya, who makes and sells Dinosaur cookies, “I learned the news about the dinosaur only this morning when I read the newspaper…”

After a long time, I have come across an art work that compels me so strongly as Durham’s Footnote.


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