locking myself out.

i had a weird day. i should rewrite that. i had a day that started well but ended up in panic mode! what level of panic mode? TITANIC levels!

first, i should mention that i have been working at a cafe since end of january here in gothenburg. it’s only a few hours a week but still studying and working is always challenging. and i need to work so that i can study and buy art materials. i had a cool job in college before…i will not talk about that here. and so, i was at the cafe today and my shift was over at 8 pm. i am the person who locks up everything and leaves. and so i was going around, packing things and locking fridges and doors….And theeeeennnnn….i locked myself out of the office with the office keys inside the office. ARGGHHH!!!

why does that even happen!

and this particular door that locked me out NEVER EVER EVER locked on its own before and today, right when i had left the keys inside, it decided to shut on my face. i was freaking out like hell…now, that was the ONLY key to the door and the only set of keys that opens all the fridges and the storage..i mean, without the key the cafe cannot run at all..and here i had gone and locked it up inside.

i called some people from the building….they tried to help me…but no, no, no, they didn’t have an extra key or a master key as such. i was jumping ahead in my mind and thinking of what would happen if they had to tear the damn door down. oh my goodness! and i had been working there only for a month and this fiasco wasn’t looking good at all… yikes!

so i just kept pushing the handle and kicking the door. and guess what! finally, the door gave up. it decided to budge and it unlocked on its own. WHAT a lousy door! :-P anyway, i think it was just messing up with me. but for a moment, it sent me into a very serious panic mode.

I am promising myself this from today: I WILL NEVER EVER EVER TAKE THE KEY INTO THE OFFICE. NEVER.

thank you for reading my boring/silly incident. anyone got a good ‘locked myself out’ story?

here’s sth i’ve been working on, in terms of my art practice. it is needle and thread on nepali paper.




5 thoughts on “locking myself out.

  1. I locked the car keys inside the car once while I was severely pressed for time. Thank goodness for fellow drivers around the parking lot, they helped me get the keys out and I learned an interesting skill that day. ;)

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