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i am thinking of the soft sigh of the PVTA bus from my college years. it let out this sigh…just like a person who had worked all day makes, after finally getting a moment to relax….it made this sound each time it stopped to open its doors. and it was this sigh that woke me up every morning when my room was near one of the bus stops. it would wake me up and make me rush out of bed for my 9 am class at another college. and to get there, i would have to take the same bus.

oh, how much i dreaded those bus rides!!! i couldn’t stand the smell of the bus’s interior. it was the air conditioning in the summer and the heating in the winter that both gave me headaches. as much as i loved the classes i was taking elsewhere, sometimes those bus rides sucked out my motivation. especially on those mornings, when i woke up to open the shades to two feet of snow.

in my third year of college, my room was in the basement and the snow would collect outside my window. ughh! it was a cold cold room where the radiator rattled and groaned all night, like it was having a really bad episode of diarrhea. it wasn’t until i said that i had to visit the health center because i couldn’t sleep that the FacMan came to fix it. and to add on to that, i ended up with a bed with such a bad spring that i removed the mattress and laid it out on the floor for the rest of the year. and that’s my situation right now too…here in gothenburg. the spring in the bed frame is my ultimate nightmare!!! not only did it squeak each time i turned to adjust myself, it also gave me terrible backaches. okay, i don’t know why but i feel like i’ve written about this before. :-P

deja vu!

so they’ve pulled down all the christmas decorations that were up for some three months i think. it was nice but i thought that the rows of colorful butterflies at the Avenyn were a little over done!:-P but well, they did serve their purpose of making me laugh every time i saw them walking along the street.

IMG_4570 IMG_4568


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