my hopes of spring disappeared with the flurry of snow that came down in Göteborg this morning. and they came down charging – these snow flakes. like the clouds were in a hurry. like they had to be somewhere else and had only so much time to shed off those flakes and move on to another place, town, city…valley.

maybe i’ve been watching too much of ‘i Mumindalen’ (in Moomin Valley).

it must be sunny in kathmandu valley. bright, sunny, dusty, smoggy, smoky, dirty and smelly too. but what’s not to miss from this bowl of choas. watching shadows grow longer with every sip of tea. trying to avoid any eye contact with the monkeys at thapathali. once they stole my friend’s makai (corn), which she had just bought on the street. eating scalding hot momos because you just can’t wait. stories of the first time my bajai saw an airplane.

when you are abroad, you can’t think of what you miss the most. you just get overwhelmed by everyone and everything you miss. and when you come back home, you only notice things that you absolute despise – like no water, no batti, no this, no that…etc. etc. lifes is really strange…and tomorrow is valentine’s day. hahaha. ohh, valentine’s day… they used to be fun only in school. hahahahaha…the stationary shop inside the school used to sell these cards with birds with their beaks touching! hahaha..i think i should remake those.

everything was such a big deal then.

but i confess, that i really like seeing pictures (in facebook, of course) of classmates who have married each other. those silly cards did turn into something lifelong and that makes me smile.


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