i think i’ve become less carefree these days. i tend to write less or haven’t written much at all in the last one month because on some days i’ve had no motivation and on other days, i’ve felt like what i wanted to write didn’t seem adequate. and i’m not even sure, how or what this ‘adequate’ means….whether it is for myself or for someone who is reading this.

the past few weeks have passed with deep sighs and the need to let go… i feel like i’ve been banging my head on a wall and i haven’t even made a dent on it. i’ve only collected some dust on myself. perhaps, it’s time to turn around and move on to something else…because this wall isn’t going anywhere.

i’ve lost motivation for somethings and found motivation for others. and i’m hesitating… i always feel like a pendulum when this happens. i don’t know why.


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