four years, frya år, vier Jahre – of blogging!

time slips through our fingers like sand.


i woke up this morning to this message from WordPress.

4 years

it has been four years since i opened this blog. but it only feels like yesterday. in fact, everything feels like only yesterday…finishing school, finishing college, starting this blog, getting a tattoo, getting my driving license, having my first exhibition in kathmandu, becoming a phupu, coming to sweden. phew! but it’s actually been 10 years since i finished higher secondary school. time and memory are weird things, i tell you.

january is that special/dreaded month of the year for me. not only is it the first month but also my birth month. i instantly feel older once the month kicks in, but i pretend to hang on to those few days before my birthday in the 2nd week. oh man, i feel older. my body hurts more than last year and i have new lines and scars on my face. hahahahah..only last week, i burnt a little bit of my face, right under my eye. i think it happened while cooking. i don’t remember but i think the scar is here to stay.

anyways, no more boring stuff about myself.

here’s a fun photo that i stole from  my mother’s facebook album. she went on a trip with some of my cousins to dolalghat, outside of Katmandu and that’s where she took the picture. a row of different kinds of soaps for you to choose from. i am not sure how clean they are, but it’s definitely creative. good day samaritans!

kun sabun chalaune ho


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