och så året slutar…and so the year ends…

Jag lär mig nya svenska ord varje dag…nya meningar också, till exempel…jag läst idag i spårvagnen: ‘vissa sidor är viktigare än andra.’ Jag tänkte på det.

I learn new swedish words everyday…new sentences too, for example…i read today in the tram: ‘some sides are more important than others.’ I thought about it.

Last year at this time (December), I was in my second semester of learning German and having a lot of fun with my friends in the language class…esp singing Christmas carols in German. Funny that I would end up in Sweden, while many of them would actually move to Germany and put to use what they’d learnt. The twists and turns of life. Plans that get detoured and you take the road that wasn’t on your map. Well, actually I didn’t know which country was on my map. I only knew that I would apply for my masters….if the world didn’t end. hahahahahaha

The world was supposed to end last year! Remember! But well, we lived through 2013 and here comes 2014.

End of the year….that typical time of the year to look back and ponder. Ponder on things that we did, things we didn’t do and things that we promise ourselves to do the next year. Wake up early, live healthier, lose weight, travel, have fun, enjoy life, do new things, leave the past behind, be spontaneous….etc. etc…until we get caught up in the same whirlwind as last year. But I’m not claiming that some years aren’t exceptional! I think 2013 for me was a good year.

I discovered my love for two new things – learning a new language and cooking. When I get restless these days, I feel like making something in the kitchen….things that I have never made in my life. Like recently, I tried making aloo paratha and it actually turned out quite tasty. I was proud of myself. I find it quite relaxing to listen to music and cook and then of course, eat. I guess when you are alone, you can choose to turn cooking into a boring chore or enjoy it. When I got here, the first two months I ate a lot of sandwiches…and now, I hardly eat sandwiches because I cook proper meals.

I don’t really like to hang on to my phone in the tram…like many people do…play games or do whatever on their smart phones. Nonetheless, I am glad that I do have a Swedish-English dictionary in my phone and that helps me to learn new words and sentences everyday. I read the posters in the tram to build up my vocabulary. And yes, my knowledge of german helps a lot when it comes to reading swedish…BUT, not when it comes to pronouncing. swedish pronunciation is tough! :-(

Anyways, I decided to pick 12 pictures that I had taken this year to bid goodbye to 2013. And yes, thank you for reading my blog from wherever you are in the world! See you in 2014.


3 thoughts on “och så året slutar…and so the year ends…

  1. I enjoy reading your blog (for no particular reasons), its like a breathe of fresh air….something that makes me smile and I often find myself wondering what you are doing “when reading your blog.
    Hope to read your random stuffs ….just a stranger reader ^_^ passing by but now keeps coming again and again!! :-D

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