hijo, char barsa pachi maile hiu pareko dekhe :-).

and today, i remembered how annoying it becomes a day later. :-(

aber, ich vermisse die Weihnachtslieder am Goethe Institut vom letzen Jahr.

De var bra.


i’m officially a multilingual person – nepali, english, broken hindi, intermediate german and lite svenska.

Vad kul!

Ich bin sehr stolz auf mich.


i love this.

being able to write in different languages.


4 thoughts on “languages

  1. i only know nepali english and bit of hindi

    didn’t google and i don’t know this language, trying to use my brain

    Vad kul! does that mean how cool

    Ich bin sehr stolz auf mich
    mich could be much
    auf so
    bin been
    ich its
    sehr snowing
    i cannot figure out stolz

  2. oh my god!!!…….hahahahhahahahah….hmm….bad guesses though.

    it is swedish and german

    Vad kul! – what fun.
    De var bra – they were great.

    ich – i
    bin – am
    sehr – very
    stolz – proud
    auf – of
    mich -myself.

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