paper time or nimki time?

It’s been a while since I’ve written a paper for school (well, it was 2009 when i was last in college)…and it is due in four days…and i am looking at recipes of ‘nimki’ online and trying to figure out how i would fry them because i don’t have a ‘karai’. yes, that’s my concern right now..something which should be the least of my concerns.. when the concern instead should be this paper that is due in four days at noon! not even midnight. now, that’s cruelty.

you see I thought I had it figured out…this paper. I had imagined myself typing away like ‘tra la la la la’ but then, turns out that i was wrong…which is not a big surprise in itself, to be honest. so where do i begin? where do i begin? i find it difficult to write the first part, which is where i could get stuck for days! and there’s no time for that. no luxury to mull over the tenses and the choices of words at this last moment. it’s a do or die moment, but i’m not doing anything yet.

well. i am writing this post, however. i find it easy to write something else when i’m supposed to be writing something else. hahaha. that was stupid. and then, i just ‘liked’ ‘honacha’ on facebook…i saw their yummy dishes and my mouth began to water. oh honacha ko tato piro alu and choela and bara…sob sob….these days, i spend most of my creativity in the kitchen than in my studio. i miss nepali food alll the time. but what i cook, never really tastes like home.

in the studio:

pattern in the kitchen:jeera alu

here’s a poem i wrote some time back. ahh. it’s cheesy. :-P
but here it is, anyway.

sometimes it’s enough to just hear you breathe
to know that you are there
on the other side of the screen
to know that i can reach out to you
even though our hands are so far away

sometimes it’s enough to just watch you sleep
to know that i can call out your name
from this side of the screen
to know that you will hear me
even somehow, somewhere in your dreams

sometimes it’s just enough to be this way
when we are miles and hours away
sometimes it’s just enough to be this way
coz baby, i’m sure
we’ll meet someday.


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