i am tired
but i don’t want to sleep
and i still haven’t finished my dinner
that’s gone cold twice already

my eyes burn when i shut them close
so instead, i stare back, back at the screen
and scroll down for more…


i know my fear is for tomorrow
that it will come
and it will be the same
as tiring as it was today.


2 thoughts on “

  1. point one cheesey song
    point two Being a social being , social being need beings hence as a social being being me interacting with a social being that is you that makes two
    point three Did you see a bee
    passing by
    maybe that is life
    passing us by
    so if someone asks what is life
    you may say
    life is a bee passing by
    when it comes near we Fear maybe it will bite us or maybe Hope that there is some honey some where, maybe the constant buzz may cause Sadness or the fading sound a relief a Happiness,
    life is felt
    as Buddha said if you want true happiness than seek enlightenment if not still accept life as it is maybe it will give you some kind of satisfaction.
    point four cheeesy song again nothing personal i just like putting youtube videos, not promoting youtube or enrique iglesias..

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