but i can’t tell..

i have a knot in my stomach
and i can’t tell how it got there.
did i swallow it with my coffee?
or did i breathe it in from the air?

tiny invisible particles
that begin to weave and twist
themselves into a ball
that’s churning and pulling
at the insides of my stomach
trying to find a way out

but it can’t.
so it’s still spinning in there
evolving on its own

it’s like what a pleasant breeze does to your hair
it leaves you with painful tangles
the butterflies are there for a split second
i enjoy the fleeting fluttering
but what’s left at the end is only a lump.

a lump
a lump
a lump

a lump that is anchored in my stomach
but somehow also ends up
in my throat
in my fingertips and toes
in the split ends of my hair
these knots – they travel everywhere

but i can’t tell, how they really got there.


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