When the sun comes out in Göteborg, I feel like dancing on the sidewalk – momentarily. But even at noon, the shadows here are so long. the sun has already made it’s way across the sky. and soon, before you know it, it will set. i take off my hat and feel the wind on my face, until my ears begin to hurt from the cold.


People are painting me right now. I am lying down, flat on my stomach, on an air mattress. My computer rests on a pink pillow – pink, the color of calamine lotion. To my right, hangs a projector screen. The painters, my friends, are to my left.

I am lying on my stomach and typing this as they paint me. But they will not paint the computer. The audio playing in the background reminds me of old hollywood movies. The voice is talking about sharks. what if they attack you.

i thought this would be easy but my hands are beginning to hurt a bit. there is pressure on my elbows. the air mattress is wobbly.

the muscles on my biceps hurt.


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