Kan du svenska?

Jag heter Kanchan.
Jag bor i Göteborg.
Jag kommer från Nepal.
Jag talar engelska, nepalesiska (?) och lite tyska.
Jag pluggar.
Jag pluggar fri konst.

I get all energized after I go to my Swedish language class every Wednesday evening. hahaha….but it’s the same story on Thursday morning. I only go back to my svenska book the next Wednesday. I like that it is some what easier to learn than German. But it’s also true that because I had learnt a little bit of german, it has been easier for me to learn svenska. However, I am getting so confused between the two languages. I think i’m unlearning german now…if it’s possible to unlearn sth. or i guess, i’m forgetting it because of svenska.

arbetar-arbeiten, lesen-lasa, haben-har, vara-sein…all these verbs are confusing me. blablahhahahah and i’ve had only three classes till now. I wish I could give more time to learning swedish but I got tons of other things to do! :-(



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