the autumn leaves that are piling up on the street below,
look like flakes of chuira from my window.

i am missing it’s hard crunchy sound in my mouth
and the way it goes so well with juicy chewy pieces of choela
quite an exercise for the jaws, but always worth it.

i am missing it’s soft squishy melting taste in my mouth
when it is mixed in a mug full of tea
the clinking sounds of the steel spoon against the steel mug
me trying to scrape every bit of it and still wanting more

warm sunshine, colorful kites in the sky, gleaming dashain faces and clothes, family, friends
daal-bhat-masu-tarkari-achar-prawn chips-sel roti-alu tama-chiya biscuit-pani puri-samosa chat-cola soda-naan-tandoori-thukpa-shyabhale-alu noodle-sizzler-momo-momo-momo-momo-momo-momo-momo-momo-momo

there’s an infinite list of things to miss this dashain
but i’ll start with chiura