i feel like writing tonight, but i’m also lost for words….

ever since i left home, i’ve been constantly checking facebook and i get angry at myself for spending so much time on it. oh, now i remember what i wanted to share.

thank you ‘Night’ for making such a beautiful touching song. and to Jason, Shashank and Rishi for making this wonderful video. I’m so happy that i actually know all of them or have met them at some point in Kathmandu. :-) i’ve been listening to this song everyday since i found it on a facebook post. and i’ve also been watching the hits grow on the video by a few thousands each day!

hmm, an afterthought: there’s no denying that i do get quite a lot of updates from facebook – from friends, classmates and ‘facebook’ friends. i actually just watched a short movie that was shared by a friend in facebook. i watched it while i was having dinner. i made huge amounts of daal-bhat-tarkari yesterday, which i’m still eating today and will probably make fried rice out of it tomorrow morning. :-P anyway, these days my meals are lonely and so, i usually watch a video or a movie while i’m eating. at least, i don’t end up staring at a blank wall or standing by the kitchen sink. i guess i watch sth because more than the eating together part, i miss the dinner time conversations. all the gossip my ama and bahini had about hindi serials, which they were going to watch right after dinner. it was like, i was forced to know what was happening in ‘mrs pami’ or sth…or in ‘uttaran’…all against my will!!!

oh my goodness, those serials are CRAAAAAAZEEEEE..i can’t stress the word enough. the daughter becomes a mother and then gives birth to a daughter…and then the mother and daughter roles are played by the same person and they don’t even look that many years apart (despite dressing in different styles..the mother is widow so she wears a white sari)…and finally one of them dies and the confusion/irritation is over…and then in this other one, some 12-15 years have passed in the serial but people don’t really get old…well, only the children grow old. but parents and grandparents don’t get old. They only get these ‘strips’ of VERY WHITE HAIR as evidence of ‘aging’. like Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd. and there’s that other one with that actor who pretended to love this girl and married her. they separate but then, he now really loves her. oh my goodness, why do i even know all of this???? yes, solar lamp-lit dinner time conversations are to be blamed.

i think i have written too much now. time to dive into a book, open the same chapter again, and fall asleep on page 2. adios!


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  1. Hey, a fellow nepali here that randomly stumbled upon your blog.. and i can soooo related about the serial CRAAZEEEEEEEE!! :P Btw lovely song that u shared.. not the typical nepali music I occasionally listen to. PS. really missing typical Dal bhat and tarkari. its been 2 months since i last had it :(

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