It’s been exactly one month (en Månad) since I arrived in Göteborg. 28 of August, 2013 was when I got here. Besides the cold & the language, i’ve think i’ve pretty much adjusted to things here – at home and school. I’ve been meaning to post a picture of this since the day I first saw it and here it is:


This is one picture that is funny, strange and very scary all at the same time! These are stickers that are inside elevators and on elevator doors. I used google translate and Klämrisk translates to ‘Risk of crushing’. Oh my god! I always think of what will happen if this really happens when I’m standing inside the elevator. And then after the horror has passed, I always find myself laughing and thinking..’this must have happened to someone or else why would they put up such an illustrated yellow sticker’.

Other photos…long evening shadows at Röda Sten and a rusted trash can. I visited the Maritime museum this week. It was very interesting and there were a lot of great models of ships. There was a guided tour but our group was soo huge, I just stayed at the back and eventually, drifted away from everyone.

rust shadow 2 shadow 1


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