my clothes have survived the laundry machines and drying room. I’m glad that they haven’t shrunken into kid’s sizes or haven’t been shredded into a pile of lint. The first time I put my ‘nepal bought-made in china’ clothes in the washing machine & then in the dryer, few years back, they came out several sizes small. Well, that would have been a motivation for me to lose some weight, but at that time I was already skinny and I couldn’t possibly lose any more weight. but this time, somehow they’ve survived the laundry machines in the apartment building i’m staying at. it may sound trivial, but it is a huge relief for me. imagine the horror of your favorite red sweater being destroyed!! and if it was one of kind in the whole wide world, that you could never have again…….never mind…hahahahaha

i’ve been thinking about ‘blogging’ in general and how it reflects our daily lives. i’ve been reading about ‘the everyday’. it’s quite interesting. it’s very interesting.

what else. 


i think that’s all for this morning. i will now go out and save the world! 


just kidding.

i will go and try to work on some drawings.



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