at the Universeum

I was at the Universeum of Göteborg this past Monday..and so were a lot other students. We got free entry tickets for that particular day in our ‘welcome packages’. I was expecting a bigger package…hahaha..but i loved this small pamphlet of free tickets that we got to go see all kinds of things in the city. And I especially didn’t want to miss the free day at the Universeum. The only sad thing was, I went alone..

I ended up taking all these pictures…in fact, too many…that my camera’s battery eventually died. hahahah…..Anyways, I still had fun even though I was all by myself. It reminded me of that one time when I’d gone to the zoo in Jawlakhel alone too. I had had a fun time then too. It’s just that I don’t have pictures of me in it.

Don’t want to do much explaining and writing…i’ve had two very long days of sitting in the same classroom for hours and so, i’m really not in the mood to write much right now. I got home at 9:30 pm after going to a a presentation…almost on the other side of the city. I am learning to use the screen printing equipment in school and I’m excited that i’ll be printing soon…hopefully, once i know what i want to print, which i hope i’ll find out soon. :-)

here are pictures that i filtered down. it’s still a looooootttt though. I loved to take pictures of the snakes esp because they were like sooo close. Well, we still had the glass between us..but they just felt sooo close. And then of the big dinosaurs because they were just sooo funny – they looked like big plastic toys, with these huge grins on their faces. just weird. and that was supposed to be the highlight of the Universeum! hehe. It was still very entertaining though! Oh and on my way out, I saw a lot of little Nemos and the saddest Panda ever, but that wasn’t real.


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