I hadn’t noticed the rain until I stepped out of the building this evening. It was drizzling slightly…or at least, that is how it had appeared to me…a slight drizzle. But Göteborg’s drizzle, as it turns out, is quite deceiving. By the time I got to my Tram stop, which is only a few minutes walk from the art building at Vasagatan 50, my shoes were wet and I was shivering in the cold rain. I took shelter under the Tram stop and saw that my Tram was due in 3 minutes.

The Tram that takes me home from school is Number 7. I just find it comforting that it has a number common with the micro bus that used to take me back home in Kathmandu. Number 27 ‘c’. :-) I miss Kathmandu. Although one of my friend’s did warn me that there’s nothing  much to miss at the moment with all the strikes and bandhs…and god only knows, what’s next in line for Nepal.

But in my everyday here, that is what I miss sometimes – the whole uncertainty of things, which I admit, is also frustrating. Nevertheless, I do miss it. I miss the lack of uniformity of kathmandu’s buildings. The bright colored windows of some random house. The narrow gallies that lead to new discoveries. The wires and oh, the chaos of those wires!!! The uncertainty of 27 ‘c’ not coming at all. Ich vermisse meinen deutschen Kurs. I miss my family and PAKKU! I wonder what he’s up to. That dog.


haha…okay, so much for being emotional. :-P

Here are some pictures. The Red door is the entrance to the art building. The window pane is of the tram I took. The rain even managed to find its way between the panes. There’s more rain to come, I hear. This is only the beginning. What else..oh my Gold Star shoes. They look worn out but they still keep my feet warm and snug. The staircases belong to the art building. It’s been two weeks and I still get lost in there. And me being creative in the kitchen. Eating noodles with aloo. YUM!


3 thoughts on “rain

  1. Incredibly interesting to hear how a Nepali feels when he’s away from Nepal. Here we’ve had two nights of thunder and one of our large flowerpots crashed down to the floor in the wind. It was broken into many pieces. I like the rain because when it stops, we will be getting all the dust which is far worse. Maybe soon the people will revolt against the increasing petrol prices even though prices are up around the world and very low in Nepal. NOC sells petrol at a loss here. We’ve had more damn bandhs in the middle of doing our top floor. How people ruin their country is incredible to me. Dassain is coming soon and people are starting to discuss their plans here. The girls were excited talking about it yesterday. Wonderful festival except that I want to stay in Kathmandu alone during Dassain because the house needs protecting. last year two robbers tried to break in at 1:20 am one morning but I scared them off. I will buy presents for Grandmother and all the family in Gorkha and send them with Luma and the girls. Heh this is too long. I need to write a blog. Dai

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