i wrote this in September 2009, but never really posted it. i wonder why? hmm…oh, i think i didn’t have a blog then. but here it is, for old time’s sake, for kathmandu, and for reminding myself that i am now four years older.


I took a cab home today because 27 ‘c’ stops running around 7 pm and so we missed our daily rendezvous.

As soon as we had traveled a few meters, the driver blasted his speakers with a Hindi song that i had never heard. It was very loud even for someone like me who has earphones on almost half the time (out of 24 hours). Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted to hear after listening to KARAOKE tracks from the 80’s, that too pop, for the past three hours at a cafe in Thamel. At least no one was singing to the tracks, and besides, lively conversations made up for the horrible music.

I was tempted to ask the driver to bring the volume down but for some reason I didn’t because I slowly began to drift away in my ‘cab’ of thoughts.

I began to reflect upon the conversations I had had with friends (some newly made) . Here in one of the hundreds of cafes of Thamel we were talking about the subways of Boston and New York, looking at maps online, and defending the city that we preferred to live in.

“New York is dirty.”

“Boston is so much better.”

“You need to live in New York to love it.”

“Boston trains are slow and they don’t run 24 hours.”

 Four summers were enough for me to choose Boston over New York, but does it really matter? Do I truly care?

The song slowly deafened my cab of thoughts but my numbness fell apart as we approached closer to my house and I started looking for change in my purse that has 10 pockets.

I think to myself: “I ought to label the compartments of my purse. I look for my lip guard and I find my allergy ointment.”

I bought the purse because it had so many pockets. How convenient I thought and instantly fell in love with the bag (also because it is brown which is my favorite color)!

Now, I can put my pens in one, my chargers and pen drive in one, my camera in one, my wallet in another, my cell phone in another one, my note books, my drawing pads, coat, lip guard, color pencils, sunglasses….gosh.

i can’t even remember where i put what.

so much for my organizing skills.

But then again…do i really care?


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