woe #xyz

I’m losing hair like snow fall.

I look at my hair brush and I feel like shaving everything off. I look into my dustbin and I feel like collecting my tears in it. well, that might be a slight exaggeration…haha..but you get my point. :-(

I thought it was the water here. And then I thought – maybe it’s coz i haven’t oiled my hair in weeks. so i bought olive oil. but it’s still falling like…mmmm…autumn leaves.

i woke up this morning and saw my face in a skype conversation with my ama. oh, i got terrible dark circles. my eyes are puffy and zombie like. i haven’t been able to sleep properly for some two weeks now. i’ve been having really weird dreams. and i toss and turn all night long, trying to mold a spot between the mattress and the blanket. i’ve changed the direction of my bed three times! and it doesn’t seem to be the ‘vastu’ thing but rather the bed itself seems to be the problem for my lack of sleep.


3 thoughts on “woe #xyz

      • I do actually think you are very brave to fly there and start a new life. But I do know how much young Nepalis want to leave. There is a very strong possibility that I will be going to live in Norway with my nephew Kumar and his wife Goma . My wife is also Nepali but she is not free to leave here just yet and would follow us in 30 months, if we definitely decide to go. Goma will study Nursing and Kumar. Luma and I are just thinking of starting some business there in Norway. It’s all terrifying for me hehehe

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