Boka! Boka!

It’s been two weeks since I arrived in Sweden! And in all this time I’d been seeing this particular Swedish word in several advertisements and posters in Göteborg: Boka!

I hadn’t had time to look the word up and every time I saw it, it would make me feel uneasy and curious. Well, if you are a Nepali then you’d probably know why you’d feel weird about seeing the word ‘BOKA’ in huge fonts. It literally means ‘goat’ but there are other connotations to the word as well….which would be better off in the urban dictionary.

And it was only a day or two back that I found out what it means: TO BOOK! as in ‘Book your tickets now to….wherever…to concerts, to your holiday destination…etc. etc..’

Ah languages can be so funny. I’m going to be learning Swedish soon. I’m excited. Looking forward to getting it mixed up with whatever German I’ve learnt so far. hahahahahahaha

Anyways, it’s finally been sunny in Göteborg (don’t know how long it’ll last though) and I’m taking in all the sun. I was out in the park today, doing what people here love to do – sleep in the sun. So I found a spot by the river bank, ate a peach I was carrying in my bag and took a nap. and so I found BLISS!

I guess it takes time to adjust to a new place and especially, to find your favorite places in that new place. I’m glad I found one this past week.  It’s called Röda Sten and it is here that Göta Älv (river) goes out to meet the Kattegat sea, all the way from Lake Vänern. From where I live, it takes me about 45 mins on the Tram to get there. But from where I study (Valand Academy) it take about 30 mins.

I found some info about Röda Sten online: The area is called Röda Sten, the Red Stone, after a red-painted boulder that lies among small rocks next to the water. According to folk legend it was coloured red by the blood of a Swedish officer who was killed by the Danes. 

I love to sit in front seas and rivers and watch the water flow. In Boston, I loved to go by the Wharf to do that and here I think I’ll be going to Röda Sten whenever I can…and when the weather is also appropriate, I guess. Besides there’s Röda Sten Art Center right in front of the river too.

Here are some pictures. So far, I’ve been there twice.


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