i realized this morning that i’m still functioning in Kathmandu time. i thought i was feeling tired from walking around the city but i gave that a thought this morning when i woke up at around 5:15 am. + four hours to that, it was 9:15 ish in Nepal. and even though i tried, i couldn’t go back to sleep again. no wonder, i feel so tired and lethargic by the time it’s 8 pm here. wherever i am, i feel like crawling into my bed and calling it a day. but at 8 pm in Göteborg, it’s still bright outside!


am tired.

but i had a good day.

got things accomplished and spent some time in my studio for the next couple of months! Right now, it’s empty.

Göteborg’s art biennial is starting this weekend and i’m feeling very lucky to be here. i was at one of their pre-events tonight and it was a very interesting session. Find out more about the Biennial here. In short it’s called GIBCA – which stands for Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art.

I took some pictures today. i’m happy about how they came out. will post them tomorrow.

for tonight, adios, goodnight, gute Nacht.


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