Wonderful mayos noodles

IMG_1602My ama told me to tell her what I ate for my first meal in Göteborg. I ended up eating Mayos which I brought from Kathmandu because I forgot to buy cooking oil after going to two grocery stores! I bought onions, garlic, cauliflower, rice and even spaghetti and sauce. But I forgot oil. How can one cook tarkari without oil. I thought I’d use the margarine I bought because I just wanted to eat rice and some tarkari. Oh well.

Mayos felt closer to home, but it didn’t taste so good. And the almost gobbled up sandwich saved my stomach. Thanks a lot to my friend in Malmö. She’d made two sandwiches for me for my train ride to Göteborg and that saved my stomach for the rest of the day. :-)

Class doesn’t start until Monday and I couldn’t get a lot of things done today because of this and that and that and this…Plus the weather just gets me down. I of all people, who can’t stand cold and snow, have come to a city where it is already cold (for me at least) in August end. I miss the sunshine in my room back home. The way it lit up my room every evening and let my plant grow taller each day.

My window now faces West and hardly catches any of the little sunshine that is left of the day.


5 thoughts on “Wonderful mayos noodles

  1. Hey , hope you are doing well. It will soon start to get cold and lot of snow and unfortunately the darkness but hope you do some snow sport to keep your mind off also hope you get to enjoy the Northern lights. Hoping to hear more from Göteborg, do post more pics would be great !!!

    • hahahahah..thanks for all the heads up. i will post pictures. yesterday, it was so gloomy that i didn’t take any pics…but it turns out that, today is gloomy too. hahahaha

      • Sauna !!! That will be culture there as well , try the wooden sauna, its great !!! Are you having Swedish language classes ??

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