to delhi and back

On my way to Delhi via Indigo, I was joking with my friend about how I was feeling like business men who fly back and forth between cities, doing their whatever business things. I was flying to Delhi on Thursday afternoon and coming back to Kathmandu on Friday afternoon. My trip wasn’t however, business related. I am joining graduate school in September this year and had to go to Delhi for the Visa process. All I had to do was go to the Embassy and have my fingerprints and photo taken! and for that, it was costing Rs 17,000 for the flight! If only, things were all done in Kathmandu.

Anyways, so I was joking about being a CEO of a company (but of course, not flying first or business class…hahaha). I guess that joke got back to me because I ended up getting really sick on the flights – both to and back! And the terribly humid weather of Delhi combined with the indoor AC didn’t help. I am not used to either – the heat or the Air conditioner. And so I ended up at the hospital on late Saturday afternoon to treat the terrible vertigo I was experiencing, post-flight. Ahh! Now I have to get my ear’s tested. I already have tinnitus (that horrible tuuuuuuu sound in the ear) and now, who knows what the test will show today. I feel old. :-( So much for trying to act like a 21st century savvy businessman/woman. hahahaha. Oh god, I’m dreading any future flying now. It’s one thing to get sick on a bus and entirely another to get sick on an airplane! I can’t put my head out the window or ask the airplane conductor to stop the plane!

It was so humid in Delhi that when I took out my camera in the taxi to take a picture it was covered with the baaf…(steam???). hahaha. My friend studies at JNU and so he took me around campus. It was very interesting and a world in it’s own. The next morning I didn’t carry my camera because I was going to the Embassy first. But that only took 15 mins (the whole reason for going to Delhi was for that 15 mins…*sigh*) and then I was dropped off by my aunt’s car at the National Museum of Modern Art, near by India Gate. Since the museum didn’t allow photography inside the building, I didn’t end up feeling so bad about not carrying my camera. The museum is great but I honestly, didn’t really look at all the works with great attention. It is huge and I was on a time pressure to catch my flight back home.

I was thrilled to see works by Amrita Sher-gil and Jamini Roy! I had only heard their names and here, I was looking at works by them and many other Indian artists for real. From MF Husain and Rabindranath Tagore to Subodh Gupta and Atul Dodiya. It was such a great feeling to go around the museum and to actually, recognize and look at artworks that I’d only seen in the Internet or in presentations! Ahh…when are we going to have such an art museum in Kathmandu. :-( There were all these students coming in to draw and learn at the museum. When are we going to get to do that here?



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