Dhiraj Rai is back

I just had to post this as soon as I watched it. No comments, other than I’m really eager to watch the complete version:

Dhiraj Rai english song

and some screen shots:

dr 1 dr 2 dr 3


5 thoughts on “Dhiraj Rai is back

  1. All I remember about Dhiraj Rai is that one time he ruled Channel Nepal. I was bedridden with nothing but Channel Nepal on TV (GRM was just writing what would later be Game Of Thrones) and there was nothing on that Channel but Dhiraj Rai’s concert in Rastriya Sabha Griha.

    So yeah, I am bedridden with nothing else to watch. And then there’s Dhiraj dancing and singing like he does (making all kinds of hand gestures, except the rude ones), prancing around in the stage and all that. After few songs in the show, he proceeds to take off his leather jacket. It’s April, I don’t know how or why would a dude weather a leather jacket. But he’s wearing one nonetheless.

    In the middle of the sixth song (it’s disturbing the way I remember this), he takes it off, twirls it around his head and screams – Do you want my jacket? Do you want it? All in English, mind. Both times it gets lukewarm response. Underrated, he asks again. Same response. But this time, he manically swings it and throws it to the crowd. There are like bajes and bajus sitting in the front seat, not looking amused. And when the jacket felled with a ‘flwap’ right next to their feet, they didn’t start a death-match to snatch it.

    There were few takers for the jacket. No one wanted it. Mr Rai darted a sad look towards the jacket, I guess more towards the lackluster reception for his jacket. He kept hovering around the same spot, until one ‘fan’ took unimpressed steps towards it and picked up.

    I swear, Dhiraj Rai had a spring in his steps after that. He hopped around the stage and sang all his songs with a renewed vigor.

    True story.

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