June 13

So I came across this bottle of water some days back:

001Aqua Kanchan Junga. hahahah….And on the bottom left corner it’s Kanchanjunga BABY Mineral Water!!! No comments on that. hahahah…hilarious.

I was in Bhaktapur last weekend and for the first time, actually visited the Museum there at the Square. although a lot of the works are falling apart and so are the walls, the paintings we saw were great! Especially, this one of the Gorkha Durbar Square. We got to take pictures after paying 30 Rs at the entrance but my camera isn’t that great. But here are some pictures. The details were amazing.


DSC03332 DSC03335
DSC03336 DSC03340 DSC03338

There were other interesting paintings too esp of animals. I loved the patterns in many of them. I’m kind of getting into collecting traditional Nepali patterns now. Actually I’m not sure what’s original to Nepal and our religion/culture, but that could well be the new thing to look into. There were some paintings that looked very similar to Mughal and Rajput miniature paintings from the postures of the bodies to the style of painting. And there were those too that directly come from Paubha. There were hardly any helpful descriptions of the works though…esp about the mediums that were used to make the works. What kind of paint and what kind of surfaces did they paint on???

I liked this one too. Look at the bottom. Most paintings only had that much information. The title and the time period.


We also got to take a peek into a Lokta paper factory. It was interesting. We bought a couple of greeting cards and a poster. They were all screen printed. Here’s a view from the top of the paper factory. Something that’s going to be quite rare in the future, even in Bhaktapur. old bricks, courtyards, small windows, jasta patas…




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