June 5, 2013

I can’t think of titles for my posts. I can’t think of what to write either. At least, it’s one of those days today. That time of the month …etc etc etc.

My German classes ended last week. Didn’t really realize that it’s been a year since I’d joined Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu. Ah! Ich hatte eine schöne Zeit im GZK. I learnt a new language – something that was never really on my list of to dos. Somehow, I thought I would never have the patience to learn a new language. But I guess that was wrong. I totally enjoyed it, even though sometimes I had a hard time finding time to do the homework. haha…I made a lot of new friends too. Many of whom, I would have never come to know in Kathmandu. I’m going to miss rushing to change the micro bus at Bhrikuti Mandap every day! I’m going to miss my daily dose of coffee at Café Schiller. I’m going to miss darling little Max. And here’s a photo of Max, who runs all through the classrooms. hahahahahaha…


That reminds me of the drama from yesterday. PAKKU! oh my goodness. It is such a tough time to give him a bath. He growls and howls and hides under the bed. He fusses and tries to bite when we show him the leash. At the end, he got tired of running around and finally let me drag him under the water hose. And later, he didn’t make much noise. I guess he was thankful of the cool water on his back. Hmm…what an ordeal!

Soooo…what’s next! Everyone’s asking me when my next exhibition is going to be. hmm…that is going be only a few years from now…how many years, I can’t say. I think time will tell. But I’m gonna start work from now on.


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