May 26, 2013

It’s been ages and ages since I wrote! Today feel like I’ve finally escaped from this whirlwind of things to do and too many things happening in general. I finally feel relaxed. And I think I’ve lost my knack of multitasking. I forget things these days and that makes multitasking a hell.

Anyways, thank you everyone for coming to UKUS MUKUS. I think it went well (hahahahah). Well, it was my first exhibition in Kathmandu and I got quite a lot of different responses but on the whole, it felt good to be appreciated for my work…even under the circumstances that many didn’t understand my work….It’s been a challenge for me to explain myself and what I’m trying to do, or trying to show through my works. It was interesting to talk to people and to listen to their interpretations and questions. Why? How? When? I think it helps when people ask you question because most of the time, I don’t take out enough time to ask those questions to myself.

I haven’t really sorted out the pictures but they should be soon up in this blog. :-) Also Park Gallery will be putting them up on their website. Most of the works will be available for purchase through the Gallery’s website.

What else?

I can now speak quite a bit of German after attending three semesters of classes. I took my final exam yesterday and it was nerveracking. I couldn’t understand a thing in the listening test. UGH!! Anyways, I’m glad it’s over and done. I get so stressed out before tests and exams, that I can’t sleep well. At least I can get some sleep now.

I haven’t had time to draw since the exhibition started and now, all I’m tempted to do is sit around and draw and of course, read a couple of books that have been lying on my shelf for some time. First, Terry Pratchett’s Snuff! YEAH!!!! I’m so glad that I got this book that too at discounted price from Sasto Book. They are launching soon, but you can still order books through their facebook page. I have been trying to read Harry Potter in german….hahahah….I don’t understand half the words but well, I do know the story from the movies and the english version of the book…so it’s been fun reading. I’m not even sure if it’s the official translated book because the one I bought looks like it was photocopied! ahahahahahaha….and the bookstore guy was like, “hoina hoina…official nai ho.”

I’m so sad about what happened to Pilgrims. :-( It’s just terrible. I hope they will reopen soon and become better than before. What they have lost is in many ways, our loss too. The last time I was in Thamel was to watch Cold Cave perform. They were great but their set was too short. I had fun during the DJ session. The DJ played some really cool dance music, which weren’t the typical Pitbul and Rihanna.


3 thoughts on “May 26, 2013

  1. If you like Vimes, read Nightwatch and Thud – you’ll appreciate the guy more :) ani, needless to say the exhibition was amazing. The gallery’s lack of fan or heat vent did help us to feel ukusmukus while we were inside. Or was that intentional?

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