UKUS MUKUS – the exhibition

Palistha and I began planning on our exhibition some months back but we decided on the title only two weeks ago. We sat down and made a list of possible titles, most of which were not making sense at all. We came up with complicated phrases and big vague words…hahaha…I won’t give examples. And for some reason, I was stuck on re-sth, re-sth…because I was looking at this Reebok shoes ko hoarding board which was right outside the window. hahaha.

Anyways, Palistha suddenly said, “Ukus Mukus!” And that was how the title of our joint exhibition came to be. How can I translate that into English…’Ukus Mukus’ is a Nepali expression for something uneasy, awkward, claustrophobic, suffocating, confusion…An expression that describes Kathmandu to us.

I won’t give you too much details (there’s a short description in the poster) about it but I’ll tell you this much that a lot of my works in exhibition are related to this blog. But it also shares a different side of me, as a person and as an artist. You won’t find Harke or Jebra in it…at least, not for now.

So here’s the poster and my official invitation to all fellow bloggers and readers. Please do come by, anytime from April 28 – May 12, 2013 at the Park Gallery in Pulchowk. The opening is at 4 pm, on the 28th of April. I will try to be at the gallery during the entire length of the exhibition (other than the day when I have to go to a friend’s wedding :-P). If you want directions please call the number in the poster. Also join our event on Facebook and share it with your friends and family and anyone else.

We’re very thankful to Park Gallery for giving us the perfect venue and to Sixwasnine Design for the awesome poster/invite. Thank you so so so very much.

Kripaya yesai poster ra e-invitation lai nai mero formal nimantrana bhanera sweekari dinu hola! :-)



8 thoughts on “UKUS MUKUS – the exhibition

  1. Must say, this is the most brilliantly titled exhibition ever! I think I last heard that expression forever ago. And coming to think about it, the word perfectly embodies the same thing I feel for Kathmandu. Thank you for the word.

    PS: Can I use the poster in my fb? Promote ta tyastai ho, but some of my friends are art inclined and they might like it.

  2. म चाही आउने भए तिम्रो उकुस मुकुस र मेरो उकुस मुकुस मिल्छ कि मिल्दैन हेर्न लाई :) Brilliant title!

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