my rubish auto book

1995Golden, silver, rubbish Auto Books from when we were kids are probably the silliest and best childhood memories. And i really had a knack for making Auto books…i think i had 4 or 5 of them in total from the start till end of school. It’s quite embarrassing to read through them all now but also very entertaining. The things we wrote…hahaha…the THINGS I wrote. hahahahahaha….this is probably the funniest one. Dates back to 1995, when I was 10 years old, in grade 4, and obviously, into collecting Wrestling cards! oh my goodness. British Bulldog. How embarrassing! hahahahaha

Some notable things on these two pages are:

1. best actor: James Bond….hahahah….i didn’t know he was a ‘character’ ….hahahahhaha…
2. I hate: evil spirits…..OK!!! no comments on that…hahahaha
3. game: Basketball….i suck at basketball, i’m pretty much aimless and suck at any ‘aiming’ game…hahahahhaha
4. place: Pokhara….i have no memory of going to Pokhara as a kid…I was less than 5 years old then. and somehow, it was my favorite place..hahahaha
5. hobbie: art…..This one made me laugh the most. Something that actually turned out to be true.

I think I am going to scan more of these pages and post it up here! hahaha! more from my auto books in the next post.



6 thoughts on “my rubish auto book

  1. auto books sigh!!! those were the days … i have a few too, the creativeness during those days, using pictures from magazines, cello tapes etc hehe.. u should post more pix!

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