Tonight, the moon looked like it had jaundice – yellow, but with a soft glow around it. Fagu Purnima in Chait. For some reason, it reminded me of cheese balls and orange balls…the ones that we ate as kids, the ones that left cuts on my tongue, the ones that you could get 4 for a Rupee. I can’t even buy a handiplast for a rupee these days and the micro bus fares have gone up once again.

I think I would have been better off with a scooter – saving time and money, whizzing through our crazy roads and gallies, covered up from head to toe. “They’ll come  a day when we’ll have to sleep with masks on,” my sanuama joked today. It was funny to laugh at but honestly, some days I feel like can take no more of Kathmandu’s dust and dirt. If I leave my room’s window open for a whole day, by evening there will be a layer of dust on the table. It irks me.

It also irks me that they’ve already dug up the newly pitched roads in tangal and gairdhara area. It’s great…we’re going back to patches and puddles, preparing for the moonsoon. Will we ever learn?


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