Ongoing & Upcoming – art in ktm

I first met Bidhata didi in 2009 at her show back then. I haven’t been to her recent exhibition yet but it is something you should check out. She is more widely known as the artist who paints leaves.
A decade in Art - Bidhata KC

Last week, I was at the newly established art space in Chakupat, near Patan Dhoka. MCube Gallery is an initiative of Manish Lal Shrestha. He has a team working with him and together, they are currently running chakati guffs (in the literal sense hehe), every other Friday.

Last Friday, Beata Wiggen from Netherlands/Germany shared her experiences of sustaining an art gallery of contemporary Nepali paintings, in the Netherlands. It is very difficult to sell works of art because of two reasons, she said. 1. The people who love Nepal can’t afford to buy the paintings, the prices of which range from 300 to 1000 Euros per work. 2. There isn’t a market value of contemporary Nepali works that encourages richer buyers to invest in the works.

However, I personally feel that there are other challenges as well- which include the content and style of the works themselves. But I am not sure. I am still wondering on the question itself, and it is a BIG question – why doesn’t contemporary Nepali art have (a good) presence in the international scenario?

Stepping away from the question for a while, here are two other events to look forward to this month. Too bad that Deep Purple got postponed. I wasn’t that excited about it to begin with (even though I was going), so I wasn’t too disappointed either…but I know a lot of fans are awfully upset. I’m so sorry.

Mcube Chakati Guff

Sujan Chitrakar – I also met him first in 2009. Back then, I didn’t really know who he was and about his achievements in the Nepali arts scene…I only found those out some few months later. hehe. Well, he’s speaking next at the Chakati Guff next Friday. This should be an interesting topic – Random thoughts on Nepali Art . Maybe, he can answer my question from above. hehehehe

The last one is a group of young talented artists who have done some pretty amazing works in the streets of Kathmandu. The poster is really interesting and cute. :-) Am I allowed to say that? CUTE? hehehe. The group includes artists ‘Deadline’ and ‘SadhuX’. If you know them personally, well you know who they are. There are in the group with other artists, who go by the name ‘Artlab’.

Art can be fun and serious at the same time. I think we often don’t consider doodles and drawings made ‘ettikai’ too serious or as a serious art pursuit. At least, here in Kathmandu we still haven’t broken that stereotype. I’m glad that an ‘Ettikai’ exhibition is taking place and thank you for that initiative. There are many drawings that I do and when people ask me, what is this..and why did you make this..what does it mean…well, it’s ‘ettikai banako’. There’s no reason. Sometimes, art can have no reason.



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