Gedanken (thoughts)

I was in a pensive mood today.

Actually, I think I’m always in pensive frame of mind…especially when I’m traveling in a micro bus or walking around Kathmandu. I have the most random thoughts somedays. I end up wondering about the strangest of things, and often, recall certain things all over again…only to realize that I’d already thought about them before….and what was/is/are these random thoughts???

sometimes it’s about how people have so much time to stare at ducks swimming in rani pokhari, sometimes it’s about our lack of civic sense – people eating watermelon and throwing the leftovers on the street; sometime’s it’s about how we (Nepalis) complain about traffic jams and all the chaos, lack of system, but how we also don’t pay attention to systems and rules in place. We’ll still step over the rope or cross the street right underneath the overhead bridge. There were these officers at bhrikutimandap today, making people walk back to the sidewalk to use the zebra crossing. I mean, we’re like kids in school – we try to copy our friends’ answers as soon as the teacher leaves the room, or is not looking. When the ‘TRAFFIC’ is not there, we bend all the rules.

sometimes it’s about the horses that our traffic police officers ride on. I wonder how those horses feel…just standing in the middle of a busy road and staring down at their own feet. They should be running around on some pretty meadows and munching on yummy grass. There’s one horse that has a white patch on it’s back – it’s heart shaped. Why do our traffic police officers ride on horses? As if, the horses are going to get any fresh air. and as if, them riding on horses would help ease the traffic.

I usually don’t remember or can’t remember all the things i’ve pondered upon….I had a conversation with a friend some time back that sort of goes with this. It’s like getting a brilliant idea in your mind when you’re about to fall asleep. You tell yourself that you’ll get up early the next morning and make a note, try it out, experiment, research, etc. etc. etc. And when you wake up, POOOF! it’s like you suddenly had amnesia overnight. The moral of the story: Write it down, as soon as it comes to your head. But of course, you never really do that…

These days Kathmandu looks better at night. The new NTC building at Sundhara was looking quite nice last evening, after sun down. But during the day….well, hmmm….metallic board-like things and akha khane blue windows are not an appealing-combo. All the construction, dust, rising temperatures and traffic jams make my day tiring. I just can’t wait for all of this to be over. All this tearing down and re-buidling!

Kathmandu’s getting a make over and I’m quite worried that we’re going to look worse off. Alu-Tuff boards, shiny aluminium columns and random multi-colors!!! uff uff uff. Can anyone not come up with a good (or even bearable) design for a commercial building???? hahaha…that reminds me of this building in Nakhu..on the way to Bhaisepati that has Greco-Roman columns from the base to the top – and in a not so orderly manner! It’s the most random/fascinating thing. The person who owns it must be in love with columns.

anyway, Kathmandu wouldn’t have been interesting enough if everything were orderly and systematic and pretty and clean or if it were like Singapore or Switzerland (which we were promised by so and so and so). I think there’s charm in all this chaos too…but not always. Only when i’m in a good mood. hahaha…

P.S.: I just read this interesting article on blogging.


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