other points

4. i can’t remember what number 4 was supposed to be.

5. how annoying i find the new ncell ad – the one with the man fishing. i don’t know what irks me the most about this ad – the perspective, the expression, the ipad or sth on the table, the dead fishes being used as ‘promo’, the very bright almost fluorescent green grass that is so close to the water…i mean, there’s more grass than sand next to the..i don’t know…lake or river. i don’t know…the whole thing just irritates me beyond explanation. and i don’t even understand why! i’m not even an ncell user.

yes, i forgot to mention how expensive it is…i got one sim because i heard ncell worked better in our village. and gosh oh gosh! one call mai 4 sth rupees jane…i mean, all i said was…’yes baje hami aipugyau’. that’s daylight robbery.

6. i got food poisoned once again..within a span of few months. ugh, it’s a terrible experience lying in the emergency with tons of other sick people. and you’re wondering, oh god..when is this going to get better!!! anyways, what was funny this time around was this kid that was brought into the emergency at om hospital. this kid swallowed a RING!!! was probably less than two years old hola. I mean, who makes a kid wear a ring at such an age and on top of that, he freaking swallowed it whole. fortunately, he was smart enough to tell his mother that he did ‘hamma’ to the ring. :-P

and so, after searching their house up and down for the ring, they finally came to the hospital to see if the kid was telling the truth! and guess what? the ring was right there, in his stomach! The x-ray revealed it all. It was amazing. well, since i was lying on a bed myself, i couldn’t check out the x-ray from up close but it caused quite a commotion among the people and staff there. hahaha.

luckily, they did sth and the ring came out in the kid’s sh*t. hehe. oh how happy was the mother to see the ring! hahahah..lucky kid. i still stuck around the hospital after they left. uff, the tests you got to do when you get sick. and the expression you have on your face when the doctor tells you ‘EVERYTHING is normal’. ugh!

7. i think i’ll end with the points here.


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