you put me on pause

i’ve been meaning to post my new drawing for some time..but then you know..blah blah blah blah blah…here it is, anyways. i’ve made a screen print too…that i won’t reveal in the time being. :-P you put me on pausei’ve been quite busy lately..but it’s the kind of busy where i don’t really get much done. or sth like…i feel like i am so busy all the time, but then i really don’t know why i am so busy at all..because i don’t really study full time nor do i work full time. So ein pech!!! i must say, i really love my Deutsch class. it’s already been eight months since I started attending classes at Goethe Zentrum. time flies! time flies!

so…i’m feeling lazy to go into the details, but here are some bullet points from and about here and there…

  1. UGH! Soongava was such a disappointment! (like most Nepali films…and i can’t believe that they shot parts of the movie in Kundalini, Chandol…that’s my tole…i don’t even want to talk about it any further….it was boring and over-hyped)
  2. Cherry blossoms are blossoming! Can’t wait for spring in Kathmandu….(but i am not eager for Holi)
  3. Yesterday, I exchanged 5 Riyals for 100 Rupees with a random stranger in Nepal Yatayat bus. Well, he got pick pocketed in the same bus and had no money to reach home. AND he was freaking carrying 15000 in his wallet!!! WHO DOES THAT??? anyways, what a bad day for him. :-( It was a sad and weird incident. I offered him 20 rupees to pay for his micro bhada to Gokarna from Chabel..instead he exchanged 5 riyals with me….and guess what, that’s more than Nepali 100 rupees..hahahaha…i was glad I could help him out, while others on the bus were just looking out the window. i’m pretty pretty much sure that i will not use the money. it’s a good keepsake!


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